You’re considering bariatric surgery and are looking for answers. 

You’ve come to the right place.


I’m here to help.  I had bariatric surgery December 2015.  I struggled with the decision, much like you may be - and are likely getting mixed messages from family and friends.   I have insight that may help you make your decision.  I’d love to provide support, a ear to listen and just a safe place to go in a time when you may be facing lots of negativity.



I had vertical gastric sleeve December 2015. I’ve had many of the same emotions that you may be feeling, or have felt. I’m here to tell you about my journey, in the hopes of helping you with yours.


Why Blog?

There are many places you can find information, and support. Many of those people are scared to participate because of the negativity. There is no negativity here. Only support, positivity, and a safe place to find answers.